Nepal is one of the top tourist destination in the world and also can say the country also one of the most tourist attractive country in the world because of it's unique culture, architecture, Hindu and Buddthist religious sites including birth place of Lord Buddha and natural beauty of mountain and Himalayas.

Thailand is also one of top popular tourist destination in south east Asia. Beach cities like Pattaya and  Phuket is well known tourist spot. Many small island in the south is very popular. Forest and jungle safari in the north much more attractive. Temples in Bangkok well know to the world and no tourist miss night life in Thailand.

Myanmar or Burma is newly open country for tourist and nowadays tourist from around world travelling to Myanmar to see still less influence society from outside the world. Buddhist sites and temples is one of the most attractive tourist spot in Yangoon, Mandalay, Bago and many other cities.

Cambodia where tourist from around the world are flowing there to see World Heritage Angkor Wat which used to be one of the most beautiful city during 7th century. Beside that there is the biggest lake in south east asia like Thale Sab lake and the killing field the most horrific site during Khmer Rouge.

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